Here is just a few things we do...


​Booking System

* If you have an event coming up all the details can be loaded onto Motohub. 

   * Event notification will be delivered to all our users via a push notification and has an option for instant booking and payment. 

* We use a 3rd party secure payment gateway "Stripe" and all event management is controlled via your back end.

Social Media

Imagine it, scrolling through the feed and all you see is Car & bikes,  all things motorsport! 

* 100% of your posts are delivered to all your followers via a push notification.

* Like Facebook you can share, like, comment on your posts.

Live Streaming

Spectators live stream-

This exciting new feature allows your spectators to upload a 30 sec video to your live stream folder, catching an event from a spectators point of view. This allows users watching to skip videos they don't wish to see. This feature allows sponsors logos to go over the videos.


Production live streaming-

We can house your live stream feed on the app, you can choose if this is a paid live stream or if its free to watch.