We're here to change the GAME! Never before has there been a platform for motorsport.

So get your fix here.

Booking System

Never before has entering an event been so easy. Simply go to "Events" and locate your event you wish to enter, Then follow the steps to book you in. Once completed the registration process, the app will save your information for next time.

You can pay via credit card and that is it. EASY!!

Performance shop

Follow your favorite businesses, here you will be able to see awesome videos and pictures that the shops upload. We don't hide or repress their posts you get to see everything. Up to date all the time.

Connect with others


Follow your favorite drivers/riders, Promoters, Tracks, Clubs and Shops. Like, share and post anything and everything motorsport related. You can even list all your vehicles information and tag your sponsors for everyone to see. 



Motohub is about to embark on cutting edge technology. Get ready for:

*Onboard live streaming

*Speed, GPS, OBD2 

*Lap timing

And much much more!

Live Streaming


There are 3 main live streaming functions.


1) Single live streaming- If you're going for a Sunday drive and feel you want to live stream, you can.


2) Spectator live- When you are at your next event log in and check out "Spectator live". This allows all the spectators/competitors to upload a 30sec video to the events folder. Then you can watch it back the next day! if you type in the name of the car that driver can search it the next day.


3) Racing live stream- TBC



The is two main sections of the app that will showcase your content. The "New feed" and "On Demand". When you make a post every follower that you have will get notified, No suppressed post 100% Reach!"On Demand" is for everyone to upload videos. Remember, you can search eg "Burnouts" and all videos with that text will be displayed.


There is a cover picture and a profile picture you can choose. You can change these at any time.


We have set it up so the more posts you make the more users follow you. This happens automatically, here is a hint "Make a post at least once every two days"